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Marketing Festival

Website development for the best marketing conference in the Czech Republic. That was a challenge! Performance optimization. Complex administration system. Ticket sales. Tailor‑made website. Thanks for the chance to be a part of it!

Realization: 2016-2024

Technologies: PHP (Nette), HTML, CSS (SASS), CDN, GOPAY, MAILCHIMP

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I was truly surprised by the level of professionalism, thoroughness, and reliability that HexaDesign shows when creating web projects for the Marketing Festival. My team and I are really satisfied with their work.

Jindra Fáborský
Jindra Fáborský
Marketing Festival

Event Jazz

… will keep you entertained - EVENT JAZZ TRIO
A bunch of musicians in their best years that are connected by love to jazz and live music. We have prepared a simple responsive website with an administration for them.

Realization: 2018

Technologies: PHP (Nette), HTML, CSS (SASS)

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I just wanted a simple, intuitive, and good looking website that best describes what we do. Right after the first meeting, I realized that for the guys from HexaDesign, your order is an original. If you let yourself be taken away by their creative work commitment, you might want to begin crafting another website after the completion of the first one… but why not when it's so simple.

Petr Žůrek
Petr Žůrek
Event Jazz


We have created a set of websites for the tax consulting company SimpleTax focused on tax law for digital business.

Realization and service: 2014-2024

Technologies: PHP (Nette), HTML, CSS (SASS)

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They did a professional and clean job. I am satisfied with the results and we will definitely continue to work with them in the future.

Michal Hanych
Michal Hanych


We develop a website for the Czech largest event for e‑shops. We designed custom graphics not only for the web but also for a lot of prints. We programmed a private section for exhibitors.

Realization and service: 2017-2024

Technologies: PHP (Nette), HTML, CSS (SASS)

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I appreciate their speed and flexibility the most - those are crucial qualities in our dynamic industry. The HexaDesign team always solves my requests in no time and perfectly executes any idea.

Eva Knirschová
Eva Knirschová
Jazyková škola Athena
Nafukovací dětské parky
Rocková kapela z Kroměříže
Osobní web projektanta
MUDr. Pospíšilová
Semetr digitálního marketingu
Jazzová kapela z Kroměříže
Investování do kvalifikovaných fondů
Gynekologická ordinace z Kroměříže
Dětský lékaž z Kroměříže
Hotel Helios Jeseníky
Akce a workshopy o HR
Chropnská strojírna
Jedno tlačítko - inteligentní domy
Unesco Kroměříž
Kapela Kmo3
Kroměřížské trhy
Nářadí Kroměříž Krona
Finanční poradenství KZ Finance
Levné mytí aut
Marketing festival
Město Kroměříž
Obři oceánů
Online Digisemestr
Pneuservis Záruba Kroměříž
Radniční catering
Veletrh Reshoper
Kadeřnická salon EF
Sate Hulín
Shake marketing agentura
Sorn krby a kamna
Kurzy VŠE
Vybarvený běh Kroměříž
Vyhledám to za vás - David Kalčík
ZŠ Slovan Kroměříž

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